The ultimate coffee (snob) experience

Let’s just get one thing straight. We don’t suggest you actually arriving in your pyjamas for some jam and toast. But who are we to judge?

The most incredible thing about this seriously hidden gem, is that its nestled amongst the industrial area of Gants Plaza in Strand, who would have guessed. So, this makes it an awesome find. It’s hard to miss once you have found it, because it has an old helicopter dangling from its roof. Awesome!!

The surprise is not over, as you walk into this café set it’s out of the ordinary location, you will be overwhelmed by the incredibly unique thrift-like décor and the abundance of things (which are all for sale, by the way!) – by “things” we mean a variety of antiques ranging from old suitcases, goblets, lampshades, chandeliers, LP’s, typewriters, bicycles and trinkets. It is completely and utterly fascinating.

Then we have to go and mention that the cake and pastry display is OUT of this world, and which is one of the first things your eyes will lay us on, totally captivating your attention. You should be sure to keep some room for a delicious treat, if you plan on having some breakfast or lunch here first.

This lovely and homely café, which has already wowed us beyond something we could ever imagine, fails to stop there. The space is both inviting and relaxed and the staff are incredibly friendly. Then there is the filled menu which you can see has been carefully thought out and gets your mouth watering, whatever you decide to order we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Every meal is beautifully presented on dishes that are unique to Pajamas and Jam, and come in generous portions, hence the warning to keep some space for cake.

Our favourites off the menu:

Breakfast: Melted Camembert

Lunch: Harvest Sandwich

This has without a doubt become an area favourite and if you don’t get there early or make a booking in advance you may have to hang around whilst they seat you from the waiting list. Never fear though as they offer you coffee whilst you wait, or you welcome to keep yourself entertained at the Costume store right next door.